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Usually there is a reason homeowners install a privacy fence; security, privacy and added curb appeal. This means you are going to make sure your fence is well maintained and protected so it can last for years to come.

Fence Power Washing

Enhance your yard and your house with fence power washing by our professionals. Many homeowners spend a lot of time and energy maintaining their lawn or yard, but fencing is often forgotten. A clean fence greatly boosts the visual appeal and value of your property. So just as you tend to your lawn on a routine basis, it is essential to power wash and seal your fence. Also, regular washings will help your fence stay strong and avoid rot and mold damage. 

Vinyl Fence Power Washing

No matter what kind of fence you have protecting your home, we have the right fence pressure washing techniques to keep it pristine. Over time, mold, mildew, and dirt accumulate on your fence’s surface. Renew Crew power washing gives your fence a heavy-duty clean, while a fresh coat of sealant protects your fence from weather damage and everyday wear and tear.

Typical fence pressure washing won’t clean any areas of mold and mildew. That’s That’s why we don’t just spray your fence, we take the time and use our exclusive 3-step process to clean it deep to have your fence looking like new. Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions will also keep toxins running off into your yard.

Renew Crew of Atlanta is the best fence cleaning company

You want professionals looking out for, and taking care of your fence properly –– we are that team for you. Schedule a Free Estimate, and you will see for yourself. We understand the value of a clean and safe fence, and this is why we use our exclusive 3-step process – skills, techniques, and quality pressure washing equipment to meet those needs.

Here’s how our signature Renew Crew process works:

  • Our proprietary foam softens dirty, grey wood fibers so they can be gently rinsed away
  • The foam clings, soaking in deep to loosen and lift away embedded dirt
  • The environmentally friendly, non-chlorine formula kills mold and mildew without harming your landscaping or bleaching the luster from your wood
  • Our proprietary, UV-blocking polymer mix penetrates the wood, providing the longest lasting possible seal against the elements
  • Our sealant also guards against future dirt and mold build-up, allowing you to go longer between cleanings

When you need the best Atlanta fence power washing company, that you can trust to take care of your cleaning and fence restoration needs – Call Us: Renew Crew of Atlanta (404) 541-2739. Or CLICK to Schedule a Free Estimate.

We provide comprehensive power washing services and patio cleaning for Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta and everywhere in between.



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