Why You Want to Hire a Professional Atlanta Power Washing Company?

All of us are undoubtedly skillful in some areas of our lives, but performing everything by yourself is not really possible… and definitely not that much fun. Some tasks seem easy, especially when they have equipment you can rent to help you do the job. Others though require a surprising level of skill to make sure you achieve the outcome you want, but also so that no damage is caused in the process. That’s when you are much happier hiring a professional.

A professional pressure washing company is well acquainted with the knowhow of correctly power washing surfaces. An excess of pressure may gouge your wood, damage or chip the patio, destroy you landscape, and the wrong techniques might not fulfill the proper cleaning needed.

Here’s a story you might relate to. I had met up with a friend and was excited to tell him about the amazing Renew Crew jobs we had done. He threw up his arms and said, “Darn, I wish I had known about this before!” He proceeded to tell me about his most recent DIY experience with his new house and deck. When he moved in the house was surrounded with gorgeous landscaping and a beautiful deck.

Many months later he started to notice the deck dullin and he wanted to make it beautiful again. So he decided to rent a pressure washer and do the job himself. To his disgust, he found he was ruining the deck and his gorgeous landscape too. The wood on the deck ended up so gouged he had to get the entire deck painted. This is not what he wanted his once beautiful deck to look like, but now he had no choice. I asked him if he had done this sort of project before and he said no, but he thought it would be a simple thing to do. He went on to tell me how frustrated he was about it and that he had learned, the hard way, to only hire a professional power washing company from here on out.

He said he wanted to get the exterior of his house washed and wondered if we could take care of that for him. I said we definitely would and shared with him our exclusive Renew Crew difference focused on cleaning the surfaces first and ending with a strong, weather beating sealant. “Great, then I can go have fun with my family and know everything will end up perfect,” he said. “Absolutely,” I said, “plus I will make sure you are 100% satisfied with the results or we will do it again until you are.”

Professional Power Washing Services Done Right

We went on to clean the exterior of my friend’s house, his patio and his driveway. His neighbors saw the transformations and had us over to do their power washing too.

The moral of the story revolves around the fact that if you are serious about good maintenance of your deck and patio, you don’t want to risk doing it yourself. And you definitely don’t want to trust any random Atlanta pressure washing guys. At Renew Crew we are more, we are expert power washers. We clean and protect your decks, patios, walkways, siding, fences and more. In addition, we train our technicians in depth on how to properly wash away embedded dirt and grime without causing any damage to the surface.

Renew Crew’s exclusive 3-step process breathes new life into old surfaces and protects them from the every day elements of life.

  1. Application of eco friendly cleaning solution
  2. Rinse with proper power washing techniques
  3. Cover the surface with our semi-transparent protectant

Beautify your space, call the Renew Crew of Atlanta and go have fun!

By contacting us, you are assured of the finest power washing results worth your investment. Our service area includes the surrounding areas of; Atlanta, Marietta, and Alpharetta, Georgia.

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